Monday, December 21, 2009

Working on Round

Last week's lesson was fun. I had a friend around to shoot photos while both my boys went through their drills. I rode Toby and Betsy got on Hola.

Toby takes a bit of time to get warmed up but once he gets going he does a nice job for an older guy.

I got my new saddle back from repairs and I needed to change the stirrup leathers to be a little shorter. Of course my ego got in the way and I didn't do it because I want to stretch my legs as long as I can make them when I ride. So, in most of the pics I'm reaching for the stirrups. That'll teach me to ignore my ego and go with good sense. But one day (sigh!) I will be able to stretch my legs down farther and not fall apart.

Hola started out a little questionable. He had his nose way up in the air and his mantra was "I have a need for speed." But he came around, got round and for the first time made a circle to the right perfectly! Betsy was so proud of him. Of course, I was too...

Starting out (I love his reach and toe point action):

Finally going well!

So proud of his genius!

Hola is such a trainable guy. He wants to please so badly. I love that he becomes round without much asking and maintains it. Unlike Toby (aka grumpy old man) who seems to have that need to let me know he's really in charge and ALWAYS puts up a little fight about it when we discuss his roundness... What a personality he has.


  1. Oh, you guys look so GOOD together and Hola is just coming right along. What a good little worker he is (and Toby, with his 'tude, is going to teach you a LOT--and I mean that in a positive way. Discussions are always good for the rider. You will learn tact and ways to skirt the issue ;o)

    When you begin to ride Hola, it will be a wonderful experience--and he will be so biddable. I love happy horses.

    And your weather looks so ... BRISK!

    I had an instructor tell me that dressage riders need to "earn" their long stirrups. After seven years of my journey, I'm still in the "almost a jockey" length ;o)

  2. I have been riding Hola just not during the lessons with Betsy because I want her to train him during that time.

    I had wanted to get some shots of me on Hola for this blog while my photography friend was visiting but I heard about an opportunity to shoot photos of sleigh rides through the woods and did that instead. Here are my pics from the sleigh ride and other winter scenes. Some friends say I live in a Norman Rockwell painting. I say I live in "Mayberry"