Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tough Day To Be a Horse Blanket

My mistake completely.

I went out to the paddock to take pictures. Since the sun was shining brilliantly after weeks of overcast sky, and it was relatively warm (30's), I thought it'd be nice if I took off my boys blankets to get some photos.

So Hola came up to me first and i started to unbuckle the turnout sheet and pull it off. One of the buckles got stuck on the liner and Hola trotted off, dragging his turnout by his liner which he was still wearing. Of course this got him a little excited. The turnout came loose and fell and Hola stopped but then the liner started to roll over. He, of course, stepped on it, ripped it and ran around again.

Toby, the leader of the gelding paddock, was beside himself because in his mind none of this was right. If he could talk he would have been yelling "This is not right! Not right at all!!" Everytime Hola would move and drag his liner, Toby would have a fit:

Of course that got Hola going again...

Eventually I got it off of him. No harm except to my pocket book. Again - MY MISTAKE!!

In the meantime, I had to get the Turnout Sheet Toy away from another one of the boys trying to have fun in the snow:

The guys totally had my number today.

And these two just wanted me to take pics of their cute morgan mugs as they followed behind me where ever I went:


  1. Oh dear. The minute I read your title, I "had this feeling."

    I am so lucky with my guy--he is very "neatsy" about his turnouts and his sheets, his stall, his buckets, just everything. He had a hood at one time, and it was always twisting so he could not see out the eyeholes. Did he panic? No. He just stood patiently, waiting for someone to come fix things.

    Sorry about the turnout blanket, but very good pictures ;o)

  2. U have a talent for catching such great photos! What camera do u use? (Not that I think it's the camera..but w/ my camera its just SO slow to click and I miss the moment half the time!)
    Your boys are so handsome!

  3. Don't you love it when they get up to shenanigans? Ok, maybe not the pocket book, but I bet you laughed at some point at least by the time it was all over and done with.

    And those Morgan boys are cute!

    Question... If I wanted to adopt a OTTB eventually from Portland Meadows, how would I go about doing it or finding a group that assists with these types of placements?

  4. oregonsunshine - i'm checking around for you and hope to get back to you with an answer soon...

  5. Kristen - I use a Canon 40D and dabble in horse racing photography. I'm always walking around with my camera nearby. :) You can see my pictures on Flickr at

    I recently shot some fun photos from a sleigh ride. The percheron teams were beautiful!