Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Tuesday and both boys got some work in. Last week my farrier came out to pull Toby's shoes since we are under a 2 foot blanket of snow which will probably be around for the rest of winter. I asked my farrier to "clean up" his feet after his shoes were pulled. He ended up trimming him a little bit too short and it made Toby ouchy. That was last Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Toby was still showing some signs of being a little ouchy but it forced him to put more weight on his hind end. In fact, I had one of my best rides with him. He was compliant, round almost directly from the start and when we practiced our "halt at X" he didn't have the last word about it like he usually likes to do. We had a fabulous ride!

Betsy rode Hola who was also moving like he was on egg shells. Yes, he was trimmed up a little bit too... But he was a rock star too! I sound so repetitive lately but he is giving his best and once he understands what he's being asked to do he's all about showing off the move. Knock on wood he still hasn't protested when he becomes confused. He just keeps trying.

After their work, both got some soaked rice bran (which they both love) and were turned out for a gorgeous day in the sun and snow. Now they will get some time off as I head to Detroit for Christmas and to Lexington for New Years with the boyfriend. He was recently here to experience the season in northern Michigan. It was a bit of a temperture shock for a Kentucky boy... But you gotta love a guy who actually wants to go shoot photos of sleigh rides through the woods.

Winter in northern Michigan

And he shot this adorable photo of the local brownie troop who stopped in front of my house singing Christmas Carols:

Winter in northern Michigan

Sometimes I believe I live in Mayberry...


  1. Bummer about the trim--I hope your boys get to feeling better soon.

  2. Love the pix, love the snow, LOVE this time of year. I agree with the poster above, it's too bad "cleaning up the hooves" after a trim sometimes involves cutting 'em a little short. We've had snow here (an inch or two and then some flurries) over the past two weeks. Last year it was 2' and overstayed its welcome, imho ;o)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Travel carefully and celebrate with all the love and joy that goes with the spirit of the season.

    Ho ho ho!