Saturday, October 24, 2009

Proud of My Boys

Toby in cross ties
Hola in cross ties

Aren't they a pair?

Toby is looking so regal lately. He's at an excellent weight and fitness right now and his coat is glossy and shiney. He's looking great for an old man! I'm so proud of him.

Ollie is growing up. He's quiet and can stand in the aisle in cross ties. For the longest time he was such a wiggle worm that I could only cross tie him in his stall. Now he's relaxed and comfortable even in the aisle.

I'm very excited for Toby and me. We have signed up to ride in our first clinic. Betsy has invited Maryal Barnett to come to Traverse City and do a two day clinic. I love having something to work towards so I signed team Toby up. At first I was apprehensive because we are still beginners and Toby is an old guy (i.e. it takes us longer time to warm up and get round). So I emailed Betsy and asked if it truly was ok to have a middle aged woman and her 20 yr old ex racer as part of the clinic. She said "Absolutely! Maryal is great with beginners and very encouraging." So we are on the books for going. It will be held November 19th and 20th. We will be riding on the 19th. It should be a great learning experience.

Ollie came up today with a swollen left hind ankle. He had slipped going into his stall a couple days ago and gave himself a stinger. There was no heat and it didn't swell up. But evidently, it was tender and yesterday (the day after the incident) I had worked him on the longe line pretty well without realizing it was tender - he showed no signs. So today when I arrived at the barn it was swelled up. Part of the reason could be from standing in his stall for 2 days straight while the winds and rain (and by tomorrow snow) howled outside. It was a little warm so I cold hosed, gave him a little bute for the swelling, walked him for about 15 minutes and put on stall wraps. You can see he's favoring that leg in the picture above. He is walking on it fine so I'm hoping that he'll be ok in a few days. His Tuesday lesson may not happen. Stuff happens...


  1. What a couple of handsome devils you have there ;o) And congratulations on the clinic!! I have heard very good things about Maryal Barnett, and I'm sure you will have a wonderful time and do very well.

  2. I just found your blog, and have enjoyed reading through it! I own an OTTB (Storm City Slew) who is also being trained for Dressage. OTTB are absolutly the best horses (in my opinion.) Your boys are beautiful!!

  3. Oh, fun! Izzy and I just did our first clinic and had a great (and educational) time. She's totally green and I haven't had many lessons in years, so don't worry about your riding level. It will be good.

    And as always, I love your boys. I have a thing for OTTBs.