Friday, October 9, 2009

Horse Show Preparations

I thought I'd give a quick Toby update as we head into the weekend and the finals of the local show scene.

Toby has had a much better attitude since Tuesday. I rode him in our outdoor arena and he was back to his happy-go-lucky self. He's definitely ready for more challenging work and becomes bored easily. To counteract that, I've become more unpredictable in what I ask from him - I do lots of transitions, many circles, serpentines, etc. I have to keep him guessing and then he becomes a very good riding partner. My lesson here is to keep his brain engaged. I also find it amazing how well walk-trot transitions work to get him round and stretchy.

Our show is on Sunday at the very lovely Black Star Farm. If all goes well, Toby will be shipping over with one of Betsy's lesson horses on Sunday morning (Black Star is only a few miles away). It's a new trailer for Toby which means I just never know if he will load or not. He should since it's not a slant (which he abhors). Hopefully we'll get there safely and without incident.

It'll be great if we can continue our winning ways!!

what horses are all about
Wish us luck!

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  1. Well, GOOD LUCK (I'm shouting ;o) The business of "keeping them busy" is good whether they decide to be stinkers (what? OUR horses?? Naw!) or there are distractions. I got that "gem" of a training tip years ago from a trainer who saw how my guy was more concerned with the traffic on the road beside the court than he was with the lesson at hand. We did changes of direction, circles, changes within the gaits--and pretty soon, there was no more "traffic" to worry about.

    Anxiously awaiting news on the "big shew" ;o)