Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Looking and Better Moving

My lesson day with Toby went pretty well. He wasn't as outstanding as he was the other day but he was CONSIDERABLY better than when Betsy last saw him work. So my ground work with him did make a difference and he tries hard. I really have a tough time getting him to "go" when he's in a lazy mood, which of course he was in. In his defense, both of his back legs were stocked up from being inside due to our crummy weather. But he came through after a ton of urging.

Betsy, for the first time, actually worked on my leg position. Particularly when Toby and I were walking. Being a former hunt seat rider, I like short stirrups and to tip a little forward. Betsy didn't bother me about my position at first because she felt that I'd make my own changes as I learned how to ask my horse for certain movements. She was right about that! I have changed some thing but now I need to make a little more of a conscious effort to make further changes. I'm glad she started to pick on my position a little more. It helps everything all the way around.

I had another realization today. When I get Toby in the right frame, it's easier for me to sit up and back. Toby is a L-O-N-G horse. So he needs help getting himself together to make turns properly and stay balanced. Therefore I need to help him with my own balance as well! Duh! Sometimes I'm amazed at the realizations I make which seem so obvious but in action are not so easy to enact.

So I have something to work on with Toby and my position. BTW - Betsy mentioned how good Toby is looking. Did I not just write about how well he looks right now?? She said he does not look his age AT ALL! His coat is super glossy and with the rice bran I've been giving him at lunch, he's filled out in all the right places. I'm so proud of him! Secretly, I love it when people say "He's how old????? He doesn't look it!"

Hola wasn't worked today because of his leg. His leg was cold as ice - perfect! No swelling. Nothing. I'll be putting him back to work next week. He still is having loose poops but I'm confident he will improve. He was in great spirits and was the total busy body checking out everything we were doing. He's such a social horse - with people and other horses. Everyone at the barn is feeling badly about his loose poops, since everyone knows how hard I've tried to get them to be normal. So there is a good team in place to check on him. I can't wait till his tummy is normal...

Oh yea - Hola made sure to roll at least 3 times in the mud with his freshly washed turnout sheet. What a guy...


  1. My VET asks me how old Huey is all the time. He'll say, "He looks about 10" (he's going to be 16 ;o) and of course he acts like Big Silly, especially on days like today when it's COLD out. We had wind blowing the entire day, will be more of the same tomorrow, and I am SO SICK of "wind chill" and "real feel" temps in addition to what the thermometer says. I needed a fleece jacket today (it was near 90 yesterday). Where's a good hot flash when you need one?

    Congrats on the lesson! You're having all kinds of good "breakthroughs" which will help you immensely in your riding (and showing! ;o) And then there's Ollie to roll in the mud and bring you back to earth ;o)

    Any word on Canoodler and the mare?

  2. Glad to hear that Ollie's okay!
    And I, too, would like to know about how Canoodler is doing. Does he have a home yet? I haven't been able to get that sweet face out of my head! I really wish I had them means to take him in and spoil him rotten.

  3. How old is Toby? He doesn't seem like an old guy, but then, TBs seem to age well.

    Of course clean sheets have to be rolled on. It's the same as getting new boots and kicking dirt on them so people won't think you're new to riding. You want things to look a little worn. ;-)

  4. Looks like you are making alot of progress. Great job!!!