Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Twilight Zone

I have just returned from having lunch with Dr. John Sebright and his wife Bonnie. That's right - Sebright (C.Bright). Seems he's my horse's namesake and he has a home here in Traverse City, Michigan. Not only does he have a home in my town but he GREW UP IN MY HOME! What are the odds of that?! I see a horse in Baltimore, he turns out to be a Michigan bred, and I happen to own the childhood home of his namesake?! Weird. I can hear the voice of Rod Serling and the music for the Twilight Zone playing now.

The name "Hola C Bright" came about because it's how Mr. Gilmore frequently greeted his neighbor. Dr. Sebright even stayed the night for foaling duty waiting for Hola to be born. Hola was born the following night but the Gilmore's decided to name him Hola C Bright for their friend and neighbor.

The Gilmore's and the Sebright's had lost track of their horse and were happy to have gotten my card. I learned that at one point in Hola's racing career, the Gilmore's thought about claiming him back but he was too expensive for them. So they are now very happy to learn of Hola's retirement and that he is back in his home state. The Sebright's want to cheer Hola on at Horse Shows By The Bay next year too! That'll be a terrific goal for us and we have plenty of time to get there.

I heard stories about my home over lunch and we are going to plan a get together so I can show them their renovated home. I'll have to invite my neighbors so they can learn more about the people in their homes too. Sounds like a fun party.

In the meantime, I learned more about my new guy and the Gilmore's gave me a very nice win photo. Great stuff!


  1. Hola COW Wendy!!! LOL! That is SO weird!!! You know it was meant to be then!!! I'm sure both you and Hola will make a great team and let's not forget about giving kudos to Toby!!

    Best, Claudette :)
    New Horizons Equine Center

  2. It IS WEIRD!! Really weird... but in a good way.

  3. Oh, my, gosh!!! WOW! I read something like that on ABR, but I thought people were just making stuff up! What a great story!!! WOW. Plus a great horse.

  4. I've got goosebumps... that is so cool!

  5. I had a similar story about my OTTB, Echo Dancer (Eastern Echo x Cherry Lady by Bold Lad). Hola C Bright has fallen into a tub of butter and you two are going to make a GREAT pair! Any chance we can see the win photo? ;o)

  6. That's a pretty amazing story. Who'd a thunk this would have ever turned out the way it has.

  7. The man upstairs really does listen to think Jag played some small part in this too!! I know he watches over you Wendy ..a love that strong cannot be broken !!
    HUGS and kisses to you and your Hola ...I know you both are going far !!

  8. That is wonderful and weird! How amazing to learn more about your horse's history and to meet some nice people in the process!