Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moving Along!

Lesson # 3 for Ollie. This time I brought out my cameras to capture how he's figuring things out.

hind end action

Just look at his hind leg action in the second photo. He's so flexible and nimble!

I had been kicking myself that I didn't bring a camera last week. Ollie was light years improved from last week and oddly he was much better going to the right than to the left - we had the reverse problem last week.

In the video, you can actually see Ollie thinking out loud as he figures out what we are asking of him (less resistance to the bit and bending). By the end, I had the wrong camera going (still instead of video) but was still able to capture his "ah ha" moment. He was gorgeous!

stretching into the bit

I'm off for a business trip until the 5th so the boys will get a little vacation. However, I do hope to post something between now and then and that post will be a great surprise!


  1. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't know that I've ever seen any other kind than redneck draw reins. We (at my barn) so rarely use them and for so briefly when we do that it just doesn't make sense for anyone to invest in them.

    Besides, the twine works, is cheap, and will break under pressure. What's not to love?

  3. I used to ride dressage. The last picture sure makes me miss it. What a yummy horse!!!

  4. Oh Wendy, he is having STUNNING moments; you've got to be SO excited! Makes me want to go out right this minute and work Russell, even though it's hot and the flies would distract both of us to craziness.

  5. SprinklerBandit! LOL! I completely agree! Why buy them?! We won't be using these for long either. and what we have is absolutely perfect.

  6. What a handsome boy! And talk about lovely movement - I'm jealous. :-)

  7. wow, what a handome boy. He will make one heck of a dressage horse.