Monday, May 11, 2009

Off To Baltimore

I had a busy weekend this past weekend. I went to the "Spring Into Fun" horse show which was actually a pre horse show horse show. Did that make sense? It was a dress rehearsal for the horse show season. I had intentions of taking Jaguar Hope here for his first show to see how he would handle things. That would have been the sole purpose of bringing him. Just to see how he would handle the show situation. But alas, he's not around to trot around. Toby, I know, is experienced in the show arena. It's where he spent most of his life. So I have few worries with him in a show situation.

I went just to introduce people to my photography and try to start up my small business shooting photos. The show consisted of many kids at their very first show. I love that! And I did drum up some business which is all good!

Then Sunday I took Toby on a trail ride. For some inexplicable reason, I rode him in his eggbutt snaffle bit when I have always used a pelham for him on trail. I usually need the "emergency brake" option the pelham provides. But he's been so good under saddle lately that I trusted him with a kinder bit. And he was a good guy with it! I was so pleased!

Tonight (Monday night) the chiropractor came out to give Toby an adjustment. The small of his back seemed a little tender to me. He needed a bit of adjusting in the hip area but overall, the chiropractor was impressed with how Toby is muscling up and filling out. We figured the soreness is probably due to me asking him to carry himself differently (engaging the hind end) than how he normally likes to (on the forehand). I likened it to me learning how to walk with good posture rather than slouching. Sure I'll have some sore muscling if I need to walk with perfect posture all the time! I think that's just what Toby is going through. I'm just going to keep an eye on him and get him adjusted as needed.

Tomorrow I'm off to Baltimore and the Preakness race. I don't know how often I will be able to blog but I'm sure I'll be putting photos up on Flickr. Please be sure to check over there:

And for fun, I shot photos of the latest addition to the barn owner's family. Her name is Sadie, she's most likely about 3 years old and she was found through the Springer Dog Rescue in Michigan. She is joined by Shelby and Shyanne - also Springer Spaniels. The Girls

This particular photo makes me laugh out loud! This is the happiest/luckiest dog alive:

floppy lips


  1. Looking forward to your Preakness pictures. Loved the dogs, too. All my pets have been from rescues, and they seem to know how lucky they are to have fallen into my particular "tub of butter." Have a safe trip to/from the Preakness.

  2. I check your blog every day, love your post and pictures. will be watching Preakness from home, waiting anxiously for your pictures. Have FUN.

  3. Oh wow! I love this shot. What a happy doggie.