Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello From Pimlico

Today was my first day shooting here. What a blast! We had the Alibi Breakfast, a bit of rain, cool horses, great people.

Here are my shots which I have put on Flickr.

The day before I visited friends at Herringswell Stables. While I shot photos of some of the horses working, I seemed to have been roped into shooting photos of many of the employees pooches! I don't have all the photos up here that I want but I will soon! But I LOVE how the photos of the English Bull Dog and Russian Borzoi's turned out! Cool dogs/cool breeds! Enjoy!

Go Rachel!

Rachel Alexandra


  1. Wendy the dog photos are wonderful! You definitely need to do this professionally, I'd hire you in a minute!

  2. You went and got my hope all up, because the dog-love of my life was an English bulldog, and I've always lusted over Borzois. Great photos, but I think that's an American bulldog; definitely not English.

  3. Borzois are the GREATEST! I wants one someday when i have the room. And the money; they are not-inexpensive. :)
    You should submit a few of these to this European Borzoi website, they do a "Pic of the Week" and your shots are a shoe-in!

  4. ok I entered and my bad about what breed Stella is!! ugh! She is most definitely an American Bull Dog.