Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Beginning to Obsess

I'm beginning to obsess over the Dec. 3rd Snowbird Horse Show.  It's been a long time since I've been to a show.  Even then, those shows were schooling shows.  This show is sanctioned by the Kentucky Dressage Association.  My mind = Big Time.   Ok.  I know.  It's not.  But...

I have multiple sheets of paper on my desk where I drew out the tests.  I'm talking Intro A and Intro B.  (I can hear you laughing).   I tried on my show clothes.   I rode Ollie through the tests - hmmm we need work.  We practiced without the running martingale too.   He was great until he realized it wasn't there...

Last night I tossed and turned in bed worrying if we'd embarrass ourselves.  In my mind, Kentucky riders are more serious than my supportive group of riding friends in northern Michigan.

Right now he looks like a "wooley" lamb, the end of his tail has that awful yellow tinge, in fact his whole body has a yellow tinge to it.  It's too cold to bathe him and he'll roll several times every day anyways.  He's kept outdoors so I need his wooley coat and he needs to be kept outdoors to maintain his sweet demeanor. Why oh why did I get a gray horse???? 

But in my heart of hearts, what I'm most excited about, is that I CAN take Ollie to a show!  I have a feeling we'll be horrible since we struggle with halting at X and in just about any corner he wants to transition into canter from the trot.  At home, we own the walk.  But that's at home...  I'm realistic in my goals and my main goal is to get him through the test as steady as we can and to gain him some experience.  To his credit, he rode the tests fairly well while he was eye-balling a large buck in the field next to the arena.  I took that as a good indicator of how he will be.


  1. You will do just fine. Try to relax and remember the whole thing is not about doing well but about making it a good experience for both of you. So the most important thing to remember is to stay safe and HAVE FUN!!! You can do that even when you mess up your test, get eliminated or go off course, trust me, I know ;)

  2. You won't know until you try, right? Give it a go :)

  3. Amy's right: The key is to RELAX.

    Your mantra: This is NOT a show. This is not a RATED show. It is NOT the "big time." I am hauling to ride in a real dressage court, horse braided, and in my fancy clothes-- in WHITE BREECHES, after all--AND I'm paying to ride there. That is all.

    As for the bath, color doesn't seem to make any difference when they live outside. I have a chestnut, and HE looks a mess, too.

    YOU WILL DO FINE!!! And do tape your rides ;o)

  4. What a cute picture of you two! I should tell you not to be nervous blah blah blah but in truth, I would be feeling the same things:) Still, you both WILL be fine...can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. I share your grey horse pain :) Good for you for committing to a show date. It firms up your training and you'll come out of it with great feedback from the judge to plan your next phase of training.
    I was terrified taking my horse to his first show (also Intro tests), but once you do it things come more easily. It will be a great experience.

  6. Our first show date is Dec 3rd as well! Rockinghorseht in Altoona Florida. Glad to know someone else is tossing and turning! My only goal is to enter and exit the arena on top of my horse at this point! Lets compare notes when its over!