Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

I hate that I haven't been posting on a regular basis - thank you to my regular readers for staying with me!  I've had so many things going on.  Living in Lexington (as opposed to Traverse City) means that I have a stream of visitors coming and going during peak equine events in the area. 

It also means that Matt and I are attending many of those functions as well..

Paulo Santana going through the Grand Prix competition at the Alltech National Horse Show

Jessica Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen's daughter) competing in the Alltech National Horse Show.
Royal Delta sells for $8.5 million at the Keeneland November Sales a few days after she won the Breeders Cup Ladies Classic.

Multiple graded stakes winner Blind Luck sells for $2.5 million at the Keeneland November Sales.
And we had visitors!  Here is Tracie Fream Noel who came over to help feed Toby and Ollie one morning.

In a short capsule - Ollie has been having issues with choking on his feed.  Twice in a week.  So I have a vet coming out tomorrow to scope him.  Right now he's being fed his feed that is well watered down.  It's like soup and he wears it like a baby eating spaghetti.  Entertaining until he rubs his food covered mug on me!

I had hoped to take him on Sunday to the Snowbird Dressage show at the Kentucky Horse Park as a non compete but it's not looking so good now.  I need to get his eating issues resolved. 

Also, my loving husband washed my clothes one day.  That included my riding britches.  There was an ink pen that found it's way into the laundry.  The rest is history.  So I need new show britches too. 

But today I wanted to make sure I posted a link to Fran Jurga's blog on Equus Magazine's website.  Fran and I have become friends via the social network.  I'm hoping one day she'll be a visitor to Lexington and can meet the Wooley's!

Fran wrote a wonderful piece about Jaguar Hope, me, my friend Ali Bannister and the movie War Horse.  She put our story together beautifully! It's a perfect piece for Veterans Day:  Racehorse To War Horse 

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Eek, I'm famous! I never thought my photos would appear on the same page with multi-million dollar racehorses or Bruce Springsteen's daughter, for goodness sake. :-) Sorry I couldn't quite manage the supermodel straight face, but I was having too much fun with the boys. They were both lovely and it was truly my privilege to meet them (and you).

    I sure hope Ollie gets his choking issue resolved soon. That is no fun and scary for both of you. Can't wait to see Matt's photos of you two coming down center line! - Tracie

  2. Gasp..what a GREAT article. Could you imagine having Jag as a Breyer. That would be another amazing treasure. He truly was special :) I'm showing he's prancing away telling all his buddies up in the horse sky.

  3. Such a touching tribute - to ME; I can't begin to imagine what it means to YOU!

    Keep us posted on Ollie - and sorry about the breeches! :-/