Sunday, July 19, 2009

Horse Shows By The Bay

No show for me this weekend. I decided against it. I was tired, needed to do work around the house before I left again this week and I wanted to get out to see the competition at Horse Shows By The Bay.

I did head out to the show and ran into my former hunter/jumper trainer who is based in the Detroit area. She used to train Toby and my niece. I showed her pictures of Toby and she couldn't believe how great he looked. I told her he's thriving in the dressage world. She was happy for both of us. I love catching up with my old riding friends. It's also cool to see them doing well and competing at high levels.

I hung around for the Grand Prix and shot photos. This one is my favorite shots because 1) the position of the horse and rider at the height of their jump and 2) the board in the background with the horse's name on it. It really looks as if they are flying!


Addison Phillips won the $10,000 Open Jumper Welcome Prix on Teirra. Addison is a New Yorker and currently a student at Harvard University. She was on the show Horse Power on Animal Planet.

The website for the show even has video of the winning rides from the Grand Prix's which is really fun to watch! I must point out the jumps on the course since they represent everything that is Traverse City - sailing, cherries, the outdoors, the great lakes and they even have a replica of the Mackinac Bridge.

I did get a call from Mantua Farm about Hola. He'll be checked out on Tuesday and I'll be making arrangements for him to head to Traverse City assuming there are no problems. I'm very excited about him. He'll probably arrive in Traverse City while I'm working the U.S. Senior Open which is ok. That'll give Toby time to like him before he realizes what is really going on. Toby has a jealousy streak a mile wide.

Lots going on! I'm heading back out to the show today and to do a little shopping, perhaps a new halter with a nameplate... :)

Finally, one of the local papers had another great write-up on Betsy VanDyke. Click here and go to page 16.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous photos, though I think George Morris would be appalled by a few of the riders.

    Glad you had fun!