Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He Passed!

Tuesday was lesson day and was also vet check day for Hola C Bright. A big day in my equine world.

Toby has been improving with each lesson. We start out better and better with less discussion about his frame. He's really getting his back to start swinging and moving that hind end with more ease. It's so much fun! As for me, I'm focusing more on sitting back and working on my leg position. Once I get myself out of the way of Toby's shoulders then he's able to move easier! It's such an obvious statement but sometimes it's hard for me to get out of my own way let alone get out of his way! We keep practicing and we will get better. Toby loves the work and has such a confident way about him now. Here is a photo of us from our show at the end of June. I guarantee that the next video, photo or show (which ever is first) of the two of us will show me in a not so tilted forward position!! I'm a girl on a mission to fix that!

Hola C Bright had great news too. He passed his vet check with flying colors. The vet was a track vet that came to the farm. He actually remembered him from his racing days! He told me he couldn't find anything in the flex test. He tested all four feet with hoof testers and he didn't flinch once. He has an old quarter crack which he said he really tested aggressively and came up with nothing. He mentioned he has a spot in each eye (each about the size of a pinhead) where the cornea is damaged probably from dirt flying into his eyes while racing. Having said that, he can see very well out of both eyes. His legs felt clean and because he flexed well, I said there's no need to x ray. The vet told me I'll be getting a very nice horse! I let out a "yahoo!" after the call. I'm so excited. Now we just need for his coggins to come back so he can ship and he'll be on his way to Traverse City.


  1. Toby looks gorgeous in that picture. Good riding, and enjoy the new boy.

  2. Thanks on complimenting Toby. I can't get over how good he looks now. Dressage has done wonders for him! If only I would improve as quickly as him ;)

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself! It looks like you were posting your trot in that picture, so the camera caught you at an odd moment, that's all. One thing that has really helped me is thinking about keeping my shoulders back, to the point where my shoulder blades are almost touching, even as a rise in my posting. After that, it is a matter of breathing and staying relaxed.

    Congrats on the new horse!

  4. You found him!! I knew you would find the perfect horse...Hola C. Bright is gorgeous!! He is a "head turner" for sure. I liked Canoodler, but HCB is stunningly beautiful. It sounds like you were in the right place at the right time. I'm so glad to know he passed the vet check with flying colors. Wheeww...relief. Poor Tobey...I remember reading that he has a tendency to be jealous. I have a feeling that everyone at your barn will be interested in the new guy! Congratulations and best of luck with your new gray boy. I can't wait to see all the ribbons...
    (my OTTB Couch Man)

  5. Toby and you look great in the photo! And congratulations on your new horse!

  6. Congratulations on Hola! And Toby looks great.

    PS. I love that picture of Palmer you posted. RIP sweetie.

  7. Congrats on Hola C Bright--what are you going to call him? I liked Canoodler, too, and maybe he'll end up with you too. After all, what's one more horse ;o)

    As for the position, I fight that same issue every time I ride, too. I feel like I'm as upright as I can be and when I see pictures, I am disappointed. When I feel like I'm falling backward, THEN I'm upright.

    The joy of dressage.

    And speaking of that, dressage is good for ALL horses. Even the peanut-roller Western ones (ducking) ;oD