Saturday, April 6, 2013

Keeneland! Must mean Spring is here!

One of the best treasures in Lexington is Keeneland and all the beautiful horse farms in Kentucky.  Lexington is a well planned city where they have protected the farms from urban sprawl.  It's just minutes away in any direction before you pass mares and foals in the fields.   Just beautiful....

I've been trying to capture some of the beauty of the area and expanding my visual art into videography.  My expensive cameras are capable of recording high definition video - in fact, these cameras are capable of creating full blown movies.  So I want to see what I can do with it.  The hard part is that these cameras cannot auto focus when filming movie clips - I have to focus by hand.  That takes practice!  But the benefit is that I can control the exposure and do some very creative things with the light.  I like to think my inner Steven Spielberg can come out...

All my clips I purposely keep short, for the short attention span of people these days.  Here's is one of a napping foal at one of the farms where we were doing some work...

And this one is about a foal who was born prematurely.  He's owned by the people who own Eclipse award winner She Be Wild.  He's by Arch out of Trappings (She Be Wild's dam) which makes him a 1/2 to She Be Wild as well as making him 3/4's to Breeders Cup Champion and the only horse to ever beat Zenyatta, Blame!

This next one is just for fun with Amos.  Matt and I were experimenting once again.  We attached a camera to my truck with a fisheye lens on it.  Then we took Amos and drove by many landmarks in downtown Lexington (UK campus, Transylvania campus, Mary Todd Lincoln home, Rupp arena, Red Mile, etc).  It's longer than most my videos - over 3 minutes...

Lastly, this one is my most favorite...  It's all the activities that go on at Keeneland in the mornings.

ok - this one really is my last.  If you liked the pony in the Keeneland video - you can learn a little more about him in this short clip...

I hope you enjoyed the videos!


  1. Wendy, the videos made me smile on this Saturday morning. I was an exercise rider at Churchill for four years and just seeing the familar everyday scenes from Keeneland made me so happy! I miss those early mornings!

  2. Love the one with the preemie--he's going to be very special because of his very early relationships with humans. And I bet he'll be a liver chestnut--they always look so scruffy when they start to lose that sunburned coat. Thanks for these clips--and I LOVE your choice of music for the sleeping foal and the "3/4 Blame" ;o) The music adds to the visual rather than intrudes upon it.

  3. I loved Keeneland when we got to visit; it was a highlight of our trips to Lexington! Fun videos; love Fabio. :-)

  4. Loved the videos! I have a 60D that does video, but I have had very little success with it. I need to practice more.

  5. These were great! I especially like the driving tour with Amos, although I now realized just how much of Lexington I have not seen yet, including the UK campus, MTL House and the Red Mile! Disgraceful. That's what I get for focusing exclusively on the KYP and Old Friends, I guess (though I could a lot worse, LOL).

    I hopefully will be seeing you in action with your cameras very soon! :D

  6. Beautiful beautiful work, Wendy! My favorite part in the Amos video is the guy in the next car waving, haha :)

    And, yes, the Friesian cross needs to be called Fabio.

  7. LOVE your photos! Please update if you have more to share with us!

    1. Thank you Virginia! I was thinking of posting again! You may have been the little push I needed. :)