Wednesday, March 13, 2013

As Requested... Video!

 I bartered with Matt.  I'll video tape his golf swing if he video tapes me riding Ollie...  Ollie and I are still very green but we pretty much did nothing for most of 2012.  This is our last video at work as a reference.

Ollie's biggest issues are fidgeting a lot, keeping his focus on what we are doing and accepting contact with the reins.  We've only been working on moving in the gait that I've asked for (he likes to go up in gait) and keeping a round frame.  So here is a short video of us where I can see a lot of improvement and I can also see that we have a lot to do yet.

If anything, we're much more comfortable with each other!  I just love this guy so much....


  1. I see a LOT of improvement! He is much more steady and between your leg and hand. His canter/trot transition near the end was lovely and relaxed. Just remember to keep those shoulders back and eyes up. Keep up the good work!

  2. I feel the same way about Lance; ain't it grand? :-)

    You didn't ask for input, but I've gained so much from Jane Savoie that I'm going to parrot her: LONG arms, SHORT reins! When you allow the reins to bounce around like that it actually punishes the horse more, because the contact isn't steady and constant, but instead goes slack-bump-slack-bump. I had to see myself doing this on video to get it stuck in my mind.

    1. You are ABSOLUTELY right! I cringe when I watch myself. On the flip side he hates to feel any resistance on the bit. He's prefer if I rode western and kept the reins with a big loop. ;) I know we have work to do here for both of us.

  3. What lovely, forward gaits.

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind remarks. I know there are a million and two things we need to do and we are a long long ways from being super pretty and correct. But to give myself an "atta girl"... I think we are going in the right direction for having no one around to help us except when I bring my guy in for an hour every few weeks. Sometimes I wish I was at a dressage barn but I just can't afford it.

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  6. That is a massive improvement over the first video, well done to you both. He is such a pretty mover. The biggest thing I noticed (my opinion only) is how much improved your lower leg was, sitting nicely underneath you. The canter transition was miles better than the last one I saw of the two of you, and as a result, the canter was really nice. But the trot work after the canter, you should both be really proud of that, he was forward and soft, and that's exactly what you want at this stage. As another poster mentioned, I was thinking a shorter rein would probably work better, but you'd need to be very giving with your hands. And just be careful of dropping your hands too much. I can see that you're using that to show him that you want a round frame, but it's an easy (and bad) habit to get in to. But thank you so much for sharing with us all. It's lovely to see your progression.