Thursday, October 18, 2012

October In Kentucky

This is simply the most beautiful month in Kentucky.  The rolling hills of central Kentucky mixed with the colors of the hardwood trees.  It's incredible.  It's also a popular time of year for photography. 

Matt and I have kept ourselves out of trouble by photographing the races at Keeneland

Working on the farms taking pictures of certain weanlings:

Making some new friends along the way:

and getting a ride on my guys when I can.  Toby has been such a good boy for me...

I love fall!


  1. That grey nose poking over the top of the stable door = <3!!!

  2. I love October, too, though where I live it can be sunny and warm, which means we skip Fall altogether. This year seems to be one of those "long hot summer" years. We had chilly weather a week ago and here I am in my shorts today. Great pictures, as always.

  3. October is the best! Hope November is treating you well. :)