Monday, April 23, 2012

What's Been Going On?

April is crazy busy for me.  I have so much going on now that the weather is much nicer.  We've been doing work at a few of the farms with foal photos.  They are so cute but they sure can be a handful!  One of the farms has hired us to get "cute" foal pictures as well as some video and to follow them until they  become yearlings.  So I was practicing...

The mare is by Marquetry and is so cool looking and her foal is the very last foal for Slew City Slew as she was the only mare to become get into foal by him last season. He is now pensioned.

Ollie and I haven't been good students for our upcoming clinic this week.  We haven't been able to do much work but when we do, he's been very good on the long reins.  I'm also getting much better at it myself.  He's had a sore SI joint so the time off his back has been good.  I just wish I worked him more so he would strengthen his back as well.  His back seems to be bothering him less right now.  I'm hoping to be able to help him with chiropractic work and massage and keep him from getting sore again.

But being the thoroughbred that he is, he enjoys having a job at all times.  He has learned to help with cleaning his stall.  

We'll give you an update on our clinic when it happens on Thursday and Friday. Yes - it's also Rolex weekend and the Kentucky Derby is only 2 weeks away!


  1. So excited to be coming to Rolex this week! If I spot you I will come say "HI"!

  2. That is such a cool looking mare.

  3. Love the mare's face markings. The baby looks adorable, too. My OTTB likes to "supervise" when I'm cleaning his stall, so I give him hay in a bag and send him to the paddock. He's not into manual labor, though. As the joke goes, "Work fascinates him. He could watch it for hours." ;oD

  4. That video of Ollie is ADORABLE!