Monday, March 5, 2012

Miss Wendy - I Feel Violated

Toby was feeling a little violated this morning... his dentist came to visit.  

You gotta love an equine dentist that wears a Curlin Breeders Cup hat.  :) 

Ollie got away without having any work done.  His teeth were good.   But Ollie worried for his best buddy Toby.  Both went back out to hang in the snow.  No worse for wear.


  1. I feel his pain! Dentists, no matter how smartly attired, can be pretty scary when the put DRILLS in your MOUTH.

  2. Thankfully this guy uses no power tools!

  3. Poor Toby, you can tell how how uncomfortable he was for a minute by how pinched his nostrils were in the first picture! I feel his pain, drills or no, I don't like the dentist (and I am married to one, teehee)

  4. Great pictures and...thanks for reminding me to make a dental appointment!