Monday, July 18, 2011

Just For Fun

Ollie and I are continuing on with our work and doing well.   We have another lesson on Thursday.  After our ride each morning he needs to be hosed down and cooled off.  Then I turn both Toby and Ollie back out into their pasture.  Ollie is a creature of habit and even when he's dried off after his bath he feels the need...

I just had to use dramatic music.  ;)


  1. At least his tail still looks good. :-)

  2. oh those grey horses that we have! they must secretly be laughing inside during a bath, knowing its all for naught.

    my grey has a penchant for using one of his manure piles as a pillow in his stall... you can imagine that lovely, crusty, smell when I go to halter him the next morning!