Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cool COTH Link - THANKS!

Sunday morning and it's still gray and cold out.  I am NOT worrying about my horses being outdoors.  Really.  I mean it!

Yesterday afternoon when I went to turn them back out they were bone dry and impatient about getting back out to their large pasture.  I put them out, watched with my mouth dropped open in disbelief as they both went to the roll spot and rolled heartily in the mud and snow, getting all wet again in the process.  They were so pleased with themselves.  Ollie and Toby went trotting off to graze, well Toby trotted and Ollie bounced and reared his way.  I had so wished I had a camera because at the top of this hill, Ollie stopped and gave his best "HI HO SILVER!  AWAY!"  imitation multiple times in an effort to perfect it: 

Ollie is a classic ADHD horse...

But having said that, he is much more settled with all the turnout time, grazing all day long and the interaction with the herd.  It has helped him tremendously to be allowed to be "a horse."  Even his poops are good!  They are still pretty wet (and heavy) but they have good shape.  I think his hindgut is healing which makes me very happy!  I keep hoping to get on him and see how this translates into the saddle but the weather and my job hasn't been cooperating.   One of the downsides of not having an indoor arena but that's ok too.  It's the holidays, I'm busy with holiday season stuff and my horses probably aren't missing me much now that they have a herd to belong to and grass to graze on all day long.

I want to send a shout out to BETONBILL over at COTH.  Thanks for the thumbs up from you!  I admit I don't frequent COTH all that often and I don't post there.   I just don't have time for another forum to get caught up in but I may have more time in the future since my employer of almost 20 yrs will be letting me go around the end of March.  So look out! 

For all you COTH readers, I do not pretend to be an expert on horse training.  I'm far from that.  But I do like to document and record what I am doing so that maybe people can pick up a tip, offer me some advice or even learn from my mistakes.  I know I make them!  Going back to my old posts also helps me remember some things.

So perhaps this is more like a diary of working my horses.  We just moved to Kentucky and need to put together a new team to help us right now.  Therefore there's not much training going on at the moment but we will get there!   Especially if I'm about to have a heck of a lot more free time next year.  :)

My horses do have interesting connections to me - particularly Ollie (Hola C Bright).  And Jaguar Hope, while my time with him was cut much too short, made a profound impact on my life and he continues to do so even after his death.  It's amazing to me what that horse has done for me.

jag on the run3

So welcome new readers! 

And one more thing...   Matt and I will be taking some cool photos for Keeneland of a VERY famous just retired racehorse on Monday when she arrives in Lexington.  You can be sure I'll be posting about it! 

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  1. Wendy - our paths cross online again! I thought that black horse in your header looked familiar. My Jag (Jaguar Key) has been retired due to kissing spines.I'm leasing another OTTB and am continuing the journey up (hopefully) the levels in dressage. Check in on us at

    Be well!