Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saddle Fitting Follow-Up

Today the representative from Albion Saddles came out to check on my new saddle's fit on Ollie. We went through his measurements to see if he had any changes and then she checked the feel of the saddle in the shoulder area to see how it was sitting on him. We had to build up the left side and otherwise there weren't too many changes.

Ollie and I went through our paces for her. He was very sane and calm today. I think that's because I worked his little butt off the day before.

Tuesday, Betsy had ridden him for training. He was a freak but to defend him, we had wicked wild winds with gusts up to 50mph. The indoor arena was making all sorts of scary noises. Windy days are just plain scary. So I decided I better work him well before I had the saddle fitter out. I rode him on Wednesday and Matt came out to shoot some photos.

I started out by longeing him


and he was pretty good but had a ton of energy


Then I got on him... He was still a little jumpy because it was still a little breezy but nothing like the day before. I had him stand next to the mounting block and as I put one foot in the stirrup and swung the other leg over him, he spooked! I ended up sitting on him behind the saddle. I managed to do some fancy riding and did a perfect flying dismount while still holding Ollie. Thankfully he did not buck at all.

I got him settled down and went to the mounting block and managed to get on without incident. He had a little get up and go so I kept him at the walk for a long time until I felt he had stopped worrying and relaxed.


He was great until I asked him to trot. Then his head went straight up and in the far corner of the arena he would go sideways. Like a little sidewinder...


Going straight was not easy for him at the trot! He kept trying to think what my next move would be. He's such a little worrier!

So today I wondered what he would do...

He was a saint! He was relaxed, forward, really straight for him and no sidewinder action! I was so proud! I'm wondering if the Tums I gave him before I rode him helped... just a thought.



  1. He's gorgeous. Great saddle. Do you really give him tums? Is it because they taste good to horses or because it helps their stomach?

  2. Hey, he's doing a nice sidepass there. Lateral moves already! :-P I love that you're smiling at his naughtiness, though (and it looks like Ollie's smiling, too, lol).
    Oh, and I looked at your wedding pics -- you guys look like quite the happy couple! And your dress and shoes were gorgeous -- I love the rhinestones on the sandals.

  3. @ Carol - I really did give him tums. He loves them AND I think his stomach becomes acidic when he's nervous, which he is when you put a saddle on him. So it's like a treat that helps him too! At least I think it helps him. Seems like he was much more comfortable after he ate them.

    @ Frizzle - Thanks! I think Ollie responds better when I'm smiling than when I'm tense and angry. He settles down much quicker. So keep smiling! LOL!

    Thanks for the compliments on our wedding photos. We are a very happy couple!

  4. That Ollie-Boy sure is a looker! His head is so elegant. He reminds me of the horse portraits you see under glass in antique jewelry, like stickpins and cufflinks. Just gorgeous!

    That's great that the new saddle seems to be working out. I certainly knew zilch about saddle fitting when I was a kid, and I shudder to think about what some of the lesson horses I rode were subjected to. I applaud your thoroughness in finding something that works for Ollie.

  5. Glad the tums are working out for him! I love giving them right before a ride. And most horses seem to LOVE them!