Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 2nd Lessons

I often wonder how my lessons will go when I haven't ridden or worked my horses for a little while. After 3 weeks of no work I was really wondering! Toby is usually good and he was! I had a wonderful ride. I felt very connected with him like we were fine tuned dance partners. Poor Toby though, he's a bit out of conditioning and huffed and puffed. I didn't ride him long and he was steaming when we were done.

Ollie was my big question mark. His last lesson was a bit so-so but towards the end he was doing well. So what would he do this time...

Well he was terrific! Once he settled down and stopped his hind end from wanting to pass the front end, he was doing things he had never done before such as stretching down and into the bit. Betsy was able to slow him down using her seat more which was huge. Ollie is a very sensitive horse and the slightest change usually revs him up and he goes faster. So I picked out the appropriate music for the video.

I think he's going to be awesome...


  1. I totally agree with you Wendy. He is already quite awesome anyway.

  2. Hi Wendy, I just wanted to leave a note saying how much I have enjoyed reading your blog (i.e. getting nothing done at work today :D). I found your blog via SprinklerBandit.

  3. I agree with everything Kate said :) haha!

  4. Hola hasn't been worked in a month. He's spotless and his tail is banged.

    You are incredible.

  5. LOL! Snow...endless snow will keep your horse fairly clean. Especially if your horse practices a daily rolling ritual. Check back with me and his cleanliness during mud season. ;)

  6. I'm glad I saw you posting over on another blog so I found yours! I have a new (to me) OTTB who has done some eventing, yet he still has many of the same problems!